Harvest Time welcomes with open arms

For weeks my husband has been trying to get me to visit a church that a friend and bike riding buddy from his work attends, despite the fact that my husband does not attend church and has no interest in ever doing so.  Finally, I got the information out of him about what church, when he took our son, our extended family members that live with us, and I to said church for a Saturday evening event.

In total my husband, myself, another mother and three toddlers arrived a a “”Big Truck” show at Harvest Time Tabernacle in Fort Smith, Arkansas yesterday April 17, 2001.  There were large tow trucks, big rigs, Harlies, fire trucks, emergency response vehicles, crane trucks, an old fashioned trolley, Sparky the Dog, the Planter’s peanut man, and the State Farm teddy bear.  If that were not enough excitement for three kids under three they also offered face painting, sand art crafts, treats, stickers, imitation tatoos, a dance area, and a duck pond.  The children had a blast and we parents were given a million great photo opportunites while watching our children laugh and learn.

Of course my husband’s buddy and his wife were there working the event and dolling out candy, so we finally had the opportunity to meet, put faces with names, and get a formal invitation to their house of worship.

If that were not enough a business associate of mine took the opportunity later that evening to tell me all about Harvest Time, their beliefs, their minister, and his personal experience leading college level youth within the church.  I was sold.

Today my son and I set our alarm, got up, got dressed, and went to check it out!  We were met with smiling faces, genuine interest, and open arms.  Thank you everyone for helping us choose to step out and look to the best that is yet to come!

Published by Ms. Annie Sells

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