Putting in the time to make the money someday

Throughout my life and academic career I have been warned that in order to be happy in a career that I might have to make my own way.  While I was attending Berea College they did not have a degree in anything akin to Public Relations so I began work toward crafting my own degree plan.  Unfortunatley, I was unable to complete my time at Berea as hoped and came back home to Arkansas.  That was in 2002.

Then in 2006 when I realized that I had to get my credits nailed down or loose them forever, I began classes with American InterContinental University Online who said I could graduate in less than six months with a Business Degree and time was running out.  So I said great, sign me up.  Walla, an AABA in Business Administration with Honors!  By then jobs that I could have worked with an Associates required a Bachelors.

So in 2007 it was back to school and this time to Liberty University Online.  I already had a AABA so I said what the heck a BS in Business it is.  Until speaking with an academic adviser about two years in who says hey you have A LOT of back ground in the SOCIAL SCIENCES, you can graduate more quickly and likely be more pleased with your area of study if you do this split major in Business and Psychology.  I said great, sign me up!  However, by the time I completed my second degree, in 2009, many of the jobs that required a Bachelors degree required a lot more industry experience and/or a Masters degree.

Now I find myself in 2010, with a College Prep Honors diploma from High School in 2009, an AABA in Business Administration with Honors in 2006, and a BS in Business & Psychology with Honors in 2009.  If that were not enough I also have 13 years of full time work experience in customer services, office environments, managment, sales, marketing, and good old fashioned hard work!

Do I value education? Of course!  I always have, but at some point a person has to say the buck stops here!  Would I like to continue educating myself so that I continue to grown and remain on the cutting edge of knowledge and skills?  YES!  But do I feel that jumping right back into full-time traditional schooling is the answer?  I am beginning to think not. So what am I ready to sign up for?  It is beginning to look like I may have to make my own way in the career area just as I did in education.  Grr!!

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