Grandma and Generation X

Generation X and Y have embraced technology in a way that is unheard of, if you ask me, since the building of the Great Pyramids. Because there are so many of us, the trends we embrace are no longer fads, but rather are becoming a new way of life.

I laugh to myself, because we all know as parents that our children will be the one’s who take over our world. As children we are taught, disciplined, educated, and hopefully encouraged to step up and accept our roles. Yet when the time comes and we embrace our new roles, the things we utilize as our tools are generally new to our parents. So they fight against us, because age knows better than youth.

Daily I work in social media and social networking and meet new people who are fascinated, confused, or pessimistic. I don’t take it personal anymore, because I have been on this merry-go-round for a while.

Back in 2000, I took an argumentation and debate course at Berea College, where I jumped on the topic of online learning as the next wave in education. Everyone thought I was nuts! So I played devil’s advocate. Now 10 years later, I personally have 2 degrees which I acquired online and 1 in 6 students are online students! I hate to admit it, but I love it when I am right. My Grandma could not believe that there would be a graduation ceremony for either.

Speaking of Grandma though, she is the reason I joined Facebook. I joined to share pictures with her and my other family members. Now she rarely is on and mine is on my telephone and in my yoono and lifestream feeds continuously.

If online education and virtual family sharing were not enough, I also work online. My first experiences with this were again back in 2000, when I tutored, proof read, and edited college students’ terms papers, dissertations, Power Point Presentations, etc. Back then I was making $10 per hour or page! Now, I represent the River Valley Business Networkers, Tidbits of Western Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma, and am the Social Media Examiner for Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Honestly, I am excited to see what is next. Go Generation X!

Published by Ms. Annie Sells

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