4X4 Madness in May

an old-style steel toy dump truck by Tonka
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Driving big trucks, 4 wheeling and 4X4s are all things Annie Sells viewed as extreme, frivolous and radical. However, my husband now drives a big truck with 35 inch tires, he loves to go 4 wheeling and is prone to disappearing into the Arkansas River bottoms on a whim and I doubt he will ever own anything again that isn’t a 4X4.  So these extreme and radical things have become a part of my daily life.  Don’t get me wrong I love to drive and I love to get muddy.   I just haven’t ever been able to get past the expense of it all!  I have had several vehicles that cost lest to purchase than a set of 5 tires for my husband’s truck!!

It is true the Sells Family went to Cass, AR for Madness in May.  It was quite funny, when we pulled up they didn’t believe that my husband had brought his big truck, which we affectionately call a Tonka Truck “just to watch.”  Chris Sells was willing to just watch, but when I saw how excited he was to be there and how silly it seems not to take advantage of the opportunity for him to play where others were fully capable and prepared to pull us out, I agreed we could pay the entry fee for him to play.

So in we went, with one of the biggest of the dozens and dozens of trucks and proceeded to play!  We also watched as others competed to see who was the best and fastest.   When we drove up to the various events, I was glad we had one of the biggest trucks, because I sat on the roof racks for a better view.  I guess needing a ladder to get in has its advantages. 🙂  Besides the big boys and girls driving in the mud, everywhere you looked there were little children rolling in the mud, people of all ages laughing as they breathed in truck exhaust and got splashed in the face with mud and Lord knows what else.  The best part was that there were people from all walks of life, driving all types of vehicles, young and old, rich and poor hanging out together  setting aside the daily grind and having a good time together, in the beautiful May sunshine.

I guess we will have to make it an annual event.  I can think of worse ways to spend a beautiful May day.  Besides every time I bring up that one day my son smiles and laughs and my husband grins from ear-to-ear and says that he had a blast!  Hey, even I know the joys of playing with Tonka trucks in the mud.

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