Get Motivated and Paint

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While checking up on my favorite blogs, I ran across an opinion that stuck with me, but the author’s name escapes me. What didn’t fade in the one million +1 details of my day is this: our perspective is what shapes our attitude and ultimately our lives.

Our circumstances change, this we all know. However, our perception of our circumstance changes even more readily . My Facebook friend Jennifer Clement sent out a link for everyone to test their perception of color. I took the quiz and scored a 36 and was disappointed, but just as small changes in color can be indiscernible to the eye, so goes our slight and constant change in perception. That being said those slight changes are what color our attitude and therefore our lives.

Have you ever noticed that when you get motivated things get done, whether they be for the better or the worse?

This week I, Annie Sells, became motivate to make some changes in my life and as a result I took it upon myself to change the color of my home office. Previously it was the same color as my dinning room – terracotta. Today it is a blank slate thanks to two coats of primer (purchased at my local Yeager’s Ace Hardware store.) Before weeks-end my office will be a very pale shade of lavender. Of course that change: terracotta-to-white-to-lavender is far from indiscernible.

Yet remember this: when you get bogged down or tied up by your circumstances, remember that you have the power to change your attitude. If that means motivating yourself to white out your perception and start again, then do it. Look around you. Do you like what you see? If not then get motivated and paint!

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