Practice Makes Perfect – So Write, Connect & Share!

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Writing is an exercise. You need to develop muscle memory. Practice makes perfect. Continuous content assists branding. If nothing else every by line and tag line equals more access to readers.

Connecting is an exercise. You have to reach out to connect. Practice still makes perfect. Connecting over and over again forms strong bonds. If nothing else every attempt equals more access to future connections.

Sharing is an exercise. You must open-heartedly give of yourself and give of what you have. Practice will always make perfect (or something a lot closer to it). Giving of yourself and your resources will build you up as a person and strengthen you and your connections. If nothing else everything that you give just makes more room inside, for refills with something someone else is sharing.

So Write, Connect & Share. What do you have to say?

Published by Ms. Annie Sells

Writer | Photographer | Paddler & Peddler | Gardener | Fur Baby Momma | Foodie | Coffee Lover | Believer in Magic | Trail Junkie | Homesteader

3 thoughts on “Practice Makes Perfect – So Write, Connect & Share!

  1. I think this is great, Annie! Whether writing, singing, drawing, building… whatever it is, it takes practice. Connecting takes practice, networking takes practice, all of it. It’s not until we throw ourselves to the fire that we really find the outcomes we seek, whatever those goals may be. Thank you for writing, and thank you for motivating!


  2. Annie, love the piece! I agree 100% that when you give it makes room for you to receive. We get all backed up when we hold on that what we have and send it out and give of what God has blessed us with. Thanks for sharing your article!


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