12 Steps to ABC Thinking, I Mean Writing

Social Media Landscape
Image by fredcavazza via Flickr

More times than I can count, I’ve been asked what the formula for writing, marketing and/or social media is/are. I laugh to myself, because that is like asking for a description or manual for life. It’s not an ABC kind of thing.

You start with 26 symbols (the alphabet), add 72 more (numbers & punctuation), then allow for spliced words, jargon and just try to being to fathom the almost innumerable outcomes, add the ability to erase, cut, paste, etc. and there really is NO limit!

But I can give you the first few steps and then you can take it from there:

  1. Think
  2. Write
  3. ThinkAnnie Sells on Social Media
  4. Edit
  5. Think
  6. Publish
  7. Think
  8. Market
  9. Think
  10. Respond
  11. Think
  12. Write

And so on …

Funny you may notice that it all has a lot more to do with thinking that writing. I’ve heard it said don’t think just do, but I find that going back and forth between the two is highly effective.

Published by Ms. Annie Sells

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2 thoughts on “12 Steps to ABC Thinking, I Mean Writing

    1. Dear Ray:
      By all means. I always say if you like it, share it! Thanks for your comments and I look forward to future communications.


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