OZARKSLIVING.ONLINE … you have to start somewhere

Change is in the air. As my artist friends would say, “just go with the flow.” And you know what I say, “yes, please, ” but of course within limits.

We go through our entire lives watching, listening, and modeling the behaviors of those around us. Then we are told, “do as I say, not as I do.”

At some point we just have to take the advice that I give to those I love and “DO YOU!”

These last couple of months, with the onset of the global phenomenia known as a pandemic in COVID19, we have been forced, all of us to stop.

Not “stop, drop, and roll” as is the case with a fire, but pretty much the same thing. We have been told to stop, drop, and roll over and play dead so that we and millions of others do not die. I am NOT getting into the politics of this situation, because it is as I tell my son and anyone else that chooses to listen, those details don’t matter.

What matters is what we as a collective, what we as individuals buddled together – our shared activities and what our leaders do that matters.

To this point, I have tried to stick as close to the scriptures and Abba’s calendar as possible and keep my nose to the grindstone. I have not been alone. People have been placed in my life that have chosen to do the same with me. What a blessing! But then I look around and people are being removed from my life as well.

Does anyone else feel like they are being tried as by fire?

I know that I do.

I know those I love and care for do.

How do you feel?

Have you stopped and started to take stock? Have you been panick buying? Have you sat on your couch and binge watched Netflix? Have you fallen into the trap of eating your way through your junk food and put on a ton of weight?

You know what I think? Do you want to know?

I think it doesn’t matter what you did yesterday, as long as you caused no harm. What matters is what you do today and tomorrow and the day after? Have you looked at the tom-foolery in your life and turned away from what doesn’t work together for good? These things matter.

My family and I have gone back to our old ways and are observing the Sabbath weekly. We are keeping up with the calendar of the scriptures and using every waking hour of daylight to be outside in God’s country. Honestly it isn’t my old place in the Fort with all my babies, but it finally is starting to feel like we are getting a finger-hold into making it home.

More to come. That you can take to the bank.

Be Blessed,
Ms. Annie Sells

Published by Ms. Annie Sells

Writer | Photographer | Paddler & Peddler | Gardener | Fur Baby Momma | Foodie | Coffee Lover | Believer in Magic | Trail Junkie | Homesteader

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