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Connecting via Windows 7 on the WWW

When purchasing my new laptop I was determined to continue to use the software that I had become so accustomed to.  When you can do something with your eyes closed or in your sleep… why change?

As our lives become more complicated and we adopt more time saving devices to try to adjust.  Such is also the case when dealing with software and applications for that software.  I wanted to keep my good old word and excel, as well as my old fashioned photo programs etc.  Then when I found out that after spending $1,000 on my computer that I would have to drop another $100 to buy the software… I was livid!

That is until I starting using my new software on my new $1,000 computer.  It seems that without the NEW software I could not fully utilize my hardware.  Now that I have become accustomed to my hardware and software I am dangerous with others’ computers and older programs that haven’t gotten with the program so-to-speak!  Whoa daddy!

Now with my Toshiba, ReelTime, Yoono for my facebook, twitter, myspace, linked in, and yahoo accounts and Disquis to merge my postings, as well as my Samsung Reclaim with all its online aps I feel like a new woman.

I am staying all the more connected to my virtual world without having time to sleep while using Windows and thanks to Yoono and Disquis a lot less carpal tunnel pain.

Kicking it Like a Rap Star

Mr. Mark Moore of 1More Productions and Mr. Bobby Lopez aka Mr. Fort Smith went on short notice to St. Louis, MO to kick it. They put on two concerts one in Springfield and one in Saint Louis. So after rubbing elbows with other entertainers they will be leaving tracks in the snow all the way home. Those of us who work for AlexPromo hope they come home with their momentum and excitement. Way to make things happen gentleman. We look forward to getting you back in the Greater Fort Smith Region.

Give and Take in Fort Smith, AR

I had a blast working last night!

Representatives from Liberty Tax Service joined our reps from AlexPromo and Tech Bug Magazine at the Hanging Judge Saloon on Garrison Avenue!

About 10 pm we met up to listen to the live band at the Judge. Then we went two blocks up Garrison Avenue to the opening of Fort Smith’s newest …club in the Greater Fort Smith Region: Webby D’s.

Jim Webby, the owner, was very hospitable and the band performing for his opening was great! Thanks for the soda Jim!

One lucky lady at both clubs received a pair of tickets to the February 13th Collin Raye Concert! Check it out at

As if that wasn’t enough fun for one night. We ended our night, like everyone should, at Benson’s Grill, A Place Like No Other! Check it out at

I had my personal favorite the grilled chicken sub with seasoned fries and my friend Amanda Lee had the traditional cheese burger platter, seasoned fries, and a ranch salad!

We want to thank everyone for their hospitality and service last night! It was good to see so many familiar faces.

Getting Connected

Dear Friends and Family:

As you all know I have been in hiding for the better part of three years so that I could nail down my second college degree. Of course many of you came by to see me at Benson’s Grill.  I look forward to seeing you all.     Working at “a place like no other”  forever changed my perspective of the Greater Fort Smith Region.  I made some good friends and a lot of great memories working for Don.

Now I am free from hospitality and very excited to be working with TNT Communications.  I am pleased to know that within a matter of days I will have an office location right off of Roger’s Avenue.  I do not have the faintest idea what all my responsabilities will be.  But I know there is plenty of work to do and it is going to be an adventure.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been working on my online presence and “getting connected.”  You can find me on,, gmail, yahoo,, Linked In, and of course on WordPress.  Get in contact and it will be my pleasure to keep you posted!