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Local Entreprenuership Guru Dishes the 411 on Leadership

Fort Smith, Arkansas resident and Chicago transplant Michelle Stockman took the time out of her busy schedule to offer yet more advice to the small business owners and entrepreneurs of the Greater Fort Smith Region (GFSR) via

She argued that failure to communicate is not the bottom line, but rather failure to lead effecivley.  She also argues that the problem is often not a capital problem, but again a leadership problem.

Stockman pointed out that even though we all play the roles of leaders and followers in our lives that we are not ever really taught how to lead.  Yet from early childhood on we are taught to follow.  How true this is.

Leaders, as a majority, must be action takers, students, adjustable, continual acquires of skills, catalysts, with a clarity of purpose, and humble.

You can read the full article and follow her regular advice here:

— Annie Sells

Marketing & Business Consultant

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