Getting Connected

Dear Friends and Family:

As you all know I have been in hiding for the better part of three years so that I could nail down my second college degree. Of course many of you came by to see me at Benson’s Grill.  I look forward to seeing you all.     Working at “a place like no other”  forever changed my perspective of the Greater Fort Smith Region.  I made some good friends and a lot of great memories working for Don.

Now I am free from hospitality and very excited to be working with TNT Communications.  I am pleased to know that within a matter of days I will have an office location right off of Roger’s Avenue.  I do not have the faintest idea what all my responsabilities will be.  But I know there is plenty of work to do and it is going to be an adventure.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been working on my online presence and “getting connected.”  You can find me on,, gmail, yahoo,, Linked In, and of course on WordPress.  Get in contact and it will be my pleasure to keep you posted!

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