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F It! – Ms. Annie Sells Dares You

It is no secret that television is not Ms. Annie Sells thing!

My mother did one hell of a job protecting me from mass media especially via television until I was 18 years old. But we sure learned to appreciated good literature, strategy games, puzzles, and classic movies. Nevermind I read my way through many a library! Many thanks Momma.

Now if television isn’t your thing… if you, like me, long ago gave up on RSS feeds and you hate getting tons of subscription emails in your personal email, then I would like to recommend Flipboard.

Flipboard is a fully customizable app that allows you to keeping your finger on the pulse of things.

Yes, I know the last thing you need is another app. But is it not worth a few minutes to check it out? I dare you. http://flip.it/KbXXi

When I am no totally swamped, I try to log in a few times a week, before bed. The key to Flipboard’ s usefulness is keywords and searching by topic.

I have been using Flipboard since October 2012 and pulled together a “board” as a snapshot of some of my interests during that time, for you.

(Hint: It is great for pulling together online resources in one place — students, educators, and business and industry friends.)

Try it out. Create a few of your own and come back and tell us about it.

Be Blessed!
Ms. Annie Sells

Make the Time to Think – Reduce Stress & Find Clarity

Knowledgeable folks know that if they want something done, then sometimes their best bet is to recruit the busiest people they know. Have you ever stopped to wonder why?

Self-help is everywhere you turn: on the grocery store isle, in book after book and on webpage after webpage.

Time management, prioritization,

simplifying your life, meditating, doing yoga,

going on a diet, buying a better chair,

sitting less, reading more….

The lists go on and on.

Although all these tidbits are helpful, something is missing.

I have a theory. I believe that some of the most successful people, effective leaders and the rocks in our communities know a secret, something that was ingrained in them. Julian Smith wrote about it in his 19 Thoughts About Finding Your Purpose.

It was lucky number 13, which I will be sharing with you today, Friday, July 13, 2012.

“Find the time to think.” – Julian Smith

Julian you are a brilliant thought leader, but I am going to take it one step further and encourage our readers to MAKE the time to think. This is an action, a choice and a necessity. Make time to think and in doing so you will decrease the stress levels in your life, which will lead to more effective action and will help you find clarity and purpose in all that you do.

Thank you, my friend, Maureen Keese for reminding me of this today. How do you make time to think?