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Moon Light Verses Moon Lighting

Ms. Annie Sells is curious if you have ever seen what 20 pounds of hamber patties looks like in a resturant kitchen.

Just in case you have not, then feast your eyes on this. Instead of enjoying the moon light of a beautiful Sunday night, this is the sight I beheld tonight.

No one ever said that reaching your dreams and goals was easy. No one ever said that embracing your true self and fighting the good fight would be moonlight and fairies.

Be blessed, work your ass off, and if you have to moonlight then do it and be proud of the hard work that you put in. I know I am.

Ms. Annie Sells has worn many hats and among them in 20 years of experience in the restaurant, hospitality, and service induatry. So when I got a call asking if I could fill in a few shifts here and there I thanked my Abba father and said sure.

What are you doing to reach your goals and dreams? Are you going the extra mile to be your true self? Are you putting in the hard work?

Be Blessed,

Ms. Annie Sells

A little sleeping rose

It is amazing how when you feel safe, secure, warm and loved that you can drop your guard and can sleep just about anywhere. Children teach us so many lessons, perhaps more than we teach them. That is a principle that I know to be true in most situations.Image

Sometimes we get so caught up in our personal lives and roles that it is easy to forget that we are all just people. No matter our age, race, socioeconomic status, education, road traveled or lifestyle. We are all part of a living ever changing world, trying to find our place in it.

What reminds you of this, to help keep you centered and engaged in the now? The coming and going of the seasons always reminds me of the cycles of life and my place in it. On this the coolest day thus far in two seasons, on the road with a precious package of life, and on a road trip to a family members birthday party, I realize that thanks to a friend’s offhand comments I am already thinking about Christmas cards. I am reminded.